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July 26, 2011
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It’s been a bit sparse on the blogging front over here lately… and that’s because I have got a whole lot of nothing to say.  I do pretty much the same things every day:

  • do the next chapter in my Illustrator textbook– I didn’t feel confident using Illustrator and I like hand-drawing flats, but I want my portfolio to look professional and to show proficiency, and I already feel much better about it, yay!  I’ve finished all the tutorials and now I’m building up my trim and detail libraries for this next semester.
  • yoga– one of two 45-minute DVDs and maybe another half-hour at night before bed.
  • crochet– I’m up to over 200 flowers finished on my Field of Flowers blanket, that’s almost 10%, wheeee!
  • try to persuade my cat to sit on my lap
  • get scathing looks from my cat
  • do some watercolor work for something which will be up on my etsy shop soon.
  • complete four or five lessons in rosetta stone French
  • putter around the interwebz
  • watch Mary Tyler Moore with my mom and inevitably fall asleep on the couch.

See what I mean?  Not really a lot to say.

So naturally it stands to reason that I started a tumblr today.

Because since I have nothing to say, I really need more places in which to say it.

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