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that special time of year…

November 30, 2011

from here, via little chief honeybee

     That little picture?  It is 100% accurate.  But it is finals time, so the sleeping part?  Not so much, although I’m not anticipating having to pull any major all-nighters.  Plus side of being a senior in college:  learning that procrastination does not work for you and sacrificing a social life for sanity.  And anyway, I love everything I’m working on.  two girls from my portfolio fall/winter collection…

One of the seams of the bicycle-print raincoat I’m making for my outerwear patternmaking class– isn’t it cute?

I especially like the tricycles…

…and the unicycles!

And one of the welt pockets on my woolly blue coat for tailoring…

Surprise! It’s lined in bubble-gum pink!

So that’s what I’m working on!  Blog posts might be a little scarce for the next few weeks while I finish up my second-to-last semester ever.  Ooooooh.

How are your finals going?

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